Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Wedding Cake

I just did this one today! Look at me being all good and posting stuff! I hope that you like the flowers. The bride put her trust in me to pick them out... she said just make them in fall colors. I feel like it looks fall-esc. I do not know if that is the correct phraseology for the feeling of fall but I think that you get the point.

The Big Catch Cake!!!

I want to point out just a few things.

1) Everything you see on this cake was hand made

2) The fisherman's face (he is so excited)

3) The little bitty worm on the camo tackle box

4) Everything is edible but the fishing pole and the fly that landed on it during the picture. It is just a risk you take with an outdoor wedding. They covered the cakes with tool until everything started .

Music Note Cake

This one has an actual song on it... "Here I am to Worship". It is one of my favorite songs. It gives my the Holy Spirit jitters ever time I here it. For those of you who know me, you know of the "jitters". I hope that whoever is reading this has experienced them. It is when you feel soo overwhelmed with God's presence that you just feel like you are going to burst with joy. Hmmmm... I've got them at this very moment!!!! AHHHHH! It's awsome! Jesus loves you!

Garden Butterfly Cake

A Princess Castle