Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Haunted House Cake!!!! OooooOoo!

This is the front of the house. The pumpkin is for the birthday boy. He just turned one! This is the front door. What you can not see from these pictures is that I put a trap door on the porch. It just seemed fitting for a haunted house. This is the back of the house. And you can also see more of my house. This is my entryway... I textured and painted the walls myself thank you. If you just have a look to your right you will see my beautiful pantry that my husband built for me. It was so I would actually have a place to put my hundreds of pans and pounds of sugar and flour. (you can't really see it in the picture...anyway)

Lime Green Bridal Shower Cake

This is another one that I forgot to take a picture of. Thanks Jesi for sending it to me. You're the best!

Fall Bridal Shower Cake

A special thanks to Miranda for all of her encouragement!!! You are such a blessing!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Wedding Cake

I just did this one today! Look at me being all good and posting stuff! I hope that you like the flowers. The bride put her trust in me to pick them out... she said just make them in fall colors. I feel like it looks fall-esc. I do not know if that is the correct phraseology for the feeling of fall but I think that you get the point.

The Big Catch Cake!!!

I want to point out just a few things.

1) Everything you see on this cake was hand made

2) The fisherman's face (he is so excited)

3) The little bitty worm on the camo tackle box

4) Everything is edible but the fishing pole and the fly that landed on it during the picture. It is just a risk you take with an outdoor wedding. They covered the cakes with tool until everything started .

Music Note Cake

This one has an actual song on it... "Here I am to Worship". It is one of my favorite songs. It gives my the Holy Spirit jitters ever time I here it. For those of you who know me, you know of the "jitters". I hope that whoever is reading this has experienced them. It is when you feel soo overwhelmed with God's presence that you just feel like you are going to burst with joy. Hmmmm... I've got them at this very moment!!!! AHHHHH! It's awsome! Jesus loves you!

Garden Butterfly Cake

A Princess Castle

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Don't see your cake?

I have a confession... I forget to bring my camera anywhere!! If you are looking through the pictures and do not see a cake that I have done for you, it is because I never took a picture of it. I really have a hard time with this when it comes to large cakes such as weddings or anniversaries. I just get a little tooconsumed about the cake and not about the camera. Anyway, if you have a picture of a cake that I have done for you, feel free to email it to me and I will be happy to post it. Thanks again everyone!!!! Have a great day and enjoy the scrolling.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

New cakes

My latest wedding cake

I really need to do this more often!!

Her are some more NEW cakes!!! Enjoy!

New New New!!!!

OK.. on this one I do have to comment. This was for my niece Leila. She wanted an Ompa Lompa cake with a leaf candle on top. (I also made a number 3 in purple and let her choose once I got to her party--- she chose the 3) I feel like this is a three year old's cake for sure. She loved it! I looked over at her at one point and she was biting the cake stand and her forehead was covered in icing. She really likes Nerds candy. I love making figures out of fondant. I worked on them late the night before and Ryan (my husband) was already asleep. When I finished them I had to wake him up because I thought that they were so funny. He agreed... although I don't think he remembers.
Super cute abstract flower cake.

The essence of a tree!

Yes... it is a camo fish with bullets. CAN YOU GET ANY MORE MANLY?

This one was for a bridal shower and was decorated with fresh roses.

I am soo sorry I have not updated this in a while!!!

You guys better buckle in!!! I have A LOT of new stuff to show you and I am very excited. I would like to thank everyone for being so encouraging. The Lord has really blessed this little hobby and He has made it grow more than I could have ever imagined. In August of 2006 my goal was to bake one cake for profit that year. WOW! What a ways the Lord has taken me.... I have lost count. I really appreciate all of you that view my blog and leave comments. They are always so encouraging. Also, a special thanks to those of you who have sent me pictures of you enjoying the cakes I have made for you. If you would like me to post them on my blog I would really love to... I am not going to do so with out permission though. I hope that you all are very blessed in life and that the Lord allows you to follow your hearts desire.