Thursday, October 2, 2008

I am soo sorry I have not updated this in a while!!!

You guys better buckle in!!! I have A LOT of new stuff to show you and I am very excited. I would like to thank everyone for being so encouraging. The Lord has really blessed this little hobby and He has made it grow more than I could have ever imagined. In August of 2006 my goal was to bake one cake for profit that year. WOW! What a ways the Lord has taken me.... I have lost count. I really appreciate all of you that view my blog and leave comments. They are always so encouraging. Also, a special thanks to those of you who have sent me pictures of you enjoying the cakes I have made for you. If you would like me to post them on my blog I would really love to... I am not going to do so with out permission though. I hope that you all are very blessed in life and that the Lord allows you to follow your hearts desire.

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Anonymous said...

Katie I am so amazed by your cakes! God truly did bless you with a talent! Your cakes are better than some people's that have done this for YEARS! Next time I need a fancy cake I'm coming to you!
Angela "Sawyer" Kopy :)