Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sweet Baby Birthday's

The first birthday is so memorable. Mommies always want everything just perfect for their perfect little angels. I hope that I can help add to this fun memory. To be honest... these are my favorites.For those of you that I have done cakes for, I have a confession. I've probably blogged you. I love seeing the pictures of your little joys stuffing their faces with their first birthday cake. It seems like it always happens the same way... they look at it unsure what to do really. Then a helping hand, either a parent, grandparent or eager older sibling, gives them that first taste. After that it is over, the cake is everywhere, covering them from head to toe and most of the floor surrounding them. I love it!
Making a separate cake just for the birthday kiddo is easy so do not hesitate to ask. The top layer of this one was just for the birthday girl.
The leaf was the separate cake for Greyson. I like the worm :) It makes me laugh and I have to point it out to everyone that I show this picture.

Why not for me?

I have to admit... sometimes I just create cakes for myself. I mean why not. I like cake! Well, I used to like cake. You see I thought that there would never come a time when I would ever say "Oh, no thanks, I really do not want a slice of cake". I mean I was the gal that had no shame when it came to cake-- being socially accepted was not even an afterthought when it came to getting my third or fourth slice. I ate it when ever I got the chance and usually talked Ry into getting a slice for himself knowing full well that he would not eat it and that I would have to graciously finish his. I think that it was the scraps of my forty-fifth cake that it hit me. I can never eat this again. I have gained ten pounds since I started this little hobby gone crazy obsession and I realized that it just was not appealing anymore. So I put my shoveling fork down. I do still like a cold lemon cake with a pudding filling or a hot chocolate one with melted Hershey kisses on top. But, those I can only eat if I have not baked in a few days. Which at this point is getting harder and harder to find a few days of no baking, praise be to the Lord Almighty.


I love creating cakes for baby showers! What a wonderfully joyful time!

Some assembly is required. It is better to put the cupcakes on at the final destination. The photo above-- My friend Melody helped me transport this one. It got there fine, but I had to hold on to the cupcakes the entire drive and I thought my hands would never be the same. I was gripping on to all three of them so tightly but so delicatly so that I would not squish them that my hand started to cramp about half way there. Bouff-- it was not cool. I had a bad case of cakethritis. This is a for real thing too, there are special wrist bands to help prevent it.


This was for a retirement party. She worked at the Arts council and I wanted to do something that looked like it was sculpted. You can see that I started to stretch it out to the limit a little more. I giggled the entire time I decorated it because I was so excited with how it was turning out!

Work Visa!

This was for Ryan (my wonderful husband) and my very good friend Leo. It was a lemon cake with lemon pudding and a very delicous vanilla mousse cream icing and white chocolate accents. We are so proud of you Leo! Thanks for being such a faithful friend.