Saturday, May 3, 2008

Why not for me?

I have to admit... sometimes I just create cakes for myself. I mean why not. I like cake! Well, I used to like cake. You see I thought that there would never come a time when I would ever say "Oh, no thanks, I really do not want a slice of cake". I mean I was the gal that had no shame when it came to cake-- being socially accepted was not even an afterthought when it came to getting my third or fourth slice. I ate it when ever I got the chance and usually talked Ry into getting a slice for himself knowing full well that he would not eat it and that I would have to graciously finish his. I think that it was the scraps of my forty-fifth cake that it hit me. I can never eat this again. I have gained ten pounds since I started this little hobby gone crazy obsession and I realized that it just was not appealing anymore. So I put my shoveling fork down. I do still like a cold lemon cake with a pudding filling or a hot chocolate one with melted Hershey kisses on top. But, those I can only eat if I have not baked in a few days. Which at this point is getting harder and harder to find a few days of no baking, praise be to the Lord Almighty.

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