Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sweet Baby Birthday's

The first birthday is so memorable. Mommies always want everything just perfect for their perfect little angels. I hope that I can help add to this fun memory. To be honest... these are my favorites.For those of you that I have done cakes for, I have a confession. I've probably blogged you. I love seeing the pictures of your little joys stuffing their faces with their first birthday cake. It seems like it always happens the same way... they look at it unsure what to do really. Then a helping hand, either a parent, grandparent or eager older sibling, gives them that first taste. After that it is over, the cake is everywhere, covering them from head to toe and most of the floor surrounding them. I love it!
Making a separate cake just for the birthday kiddo is easy so do not hesitate to ask. The top layer of this one was just for the birthday girl.
The leaf was the separate cake for Greyson. I like the worm :) It makes me laugh and I have to point it out to everyone that I show this picture.

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