Sunday, May 4, 2008

~~~Celebrate with Style~~~

This was requested by the birthday girl herself. She wanted a heart shaped cake with all the colors, strawberries, triangles, hearts, and she wanted it to be a strawberry cake! I let my imagination go with this one since she did too. I feel like it turned out pretty fun. You tell me the key points you want and I will come up with the rest!Needing a theme cake? This one takes the cake.... sorry had to put that one in someplace.
Not sure what you want? Go with something abstract with specific colors to match the party decor!
This one I will have to go into more detail. I do not always bake alone. My idea of a fun night is having my friends over to decorate a cake for one of their loved ones. My friend Amy C.'s sister's birthday came up and she wanted to do something big. We researched and designed this one together. I baked everything the night before and Amy, Lori, and myself decorated it! When people come over for my monthly cake-a-thons it is always a blast! We stuff ourselves with cake and pizza. I laughed most of this night so I am surprised that it turned out so great.
This was for a small occasion. Clint likes to work on cars and motorcycles so I came up with this one. You tell me hobbies of the recipient of the cake and I will come up with something fun for the event!

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