Sunday, May 4, 2008

Special Events

Have individual cakes for everyone! These are labeled to show what cake is inside --"W" for white, "L" for lemon, "C" for chocolate, "S" for strawberry. The colors of icing show a different color for the different flavors--Yellow for lemon cream, White for almond vanilla cream, Chocolate for chocolate cream, and my personal favorite... I can still eat my weight in this combo... Green for mint cream. It is sooo good on a rich triple fudge chocolate chip cake with pudding filling with mint chips mixed in. Mmmm I wish I had a slice now. Hey, I just so happen to know a gal, me! :) THETA THETA THETA!! Need I say more?
A pretty white cake with an antique technique. I really try hard to refrain from rhyming a lot in this blog... but it is another one of my passions.

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