Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mario Wedding Cake!!!!

Peach and Mario! They look so happy :) Notice the fire power flower... heeeehehe.
Now, unless you are weird like me, it would be much easier to buy figures to put on the top of this cake. Peach and Mario took six hours total to make them. (It was a great day!) I just really love doing this- I feel like the Lord has shown me what I am suppose to do in life.

Everything was edible on this cake except for Peach's vale.
Align CenterThis was not my design, but I loved recreating it! I can tell that the person that designed this cake really loves what they do, there is sooo much detail.


Lauren said...

Oh my word that is amazing. Kinda made me wanna grab a controller and start playing mario card. Your cakes are stunning and I'm so glad you are following your dream!!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

WOW! You always amaze me! You are awesome!

Mandy said...

This is seriously amazing girl! You are sooo talented!

Michelle Church said...

Great job Katie! You did AMAZING!!