Saturday, May 10, 2008

Specializing in Specialty Shaped Cakes

This was my very first specialty shaped cake. I feel like my brain is like the game Tetris- it just clink clink clinks along until all of the pieces get stacked just perfectly for a high score of delicious sugary shaped goodness. If you ask me to make a cake for you I immediately start think of the shapes that are going to be required to build it, the structural aspects to keep it up and the amount for time it will take. I create the entire thing in my head before I ever start it. I get that gift from my dad. The Lord has passed that on to me from him and I am very thankful. Although I am not a sports fan, I do like to make snacks for any event. Fun shaped cakes like this one will put any sports nut over the top.
I was almost disowned by my family for this one. Us Okies should only bake for Okies. I do love Oklahoma, but be that as it may, I am not biased when it comes to making a grooms cake for someone.
This one was very difficult... I LOVE A CHALLENGE! I think that I was hopping around laughing in a deep cynical voice the entire time I was carving, icing, eatable spray painting, and hand luster dust painting this one. Don't be fooled by the thirty minute food network shows-- these kind of creations take hours and hours.

I was required to place this picture like this to honor all of my OU loving family. Hi mom and Nord!!!


ktia said...

Your cakes seem fantastic, I can only whish you succes, I can't order them because I live in France but I hope you will sell a lot of them

Aubrie said...

I have seen several of these cakes in person, and they are all awesome! Very professional! I got to see the clock tower one, too.
I'm excited for your creations for my shower!

Suzanne said...

Katie...I'm SO proud of you!! I'd heard that you were making cakes, but I had no idea they were this great!!! I wish we had a birthday or something coming up...we may just have to make up an occasion! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Where are you located at I'm looking for someone to do my sons cake you cakes are amazing and I was wondering if you would make my sons 1st birthday cake if you could get back to me I'd very much appreciate it thank you